Introducing #AllegrasArmy Newest Recruit: Rachel

I had the opportunity to meet this single mother from Texas  and take her through the complete ACole Industries process.  I love the look on women faces when they see themselves in a different light for the first time in a long time.  I wish I would've had my camera out when she turned the corner and said "Whoa! I look Hot!"  If I could bottle that feeling and sell it on shelves in a department store I'd be a billionaire by now. I'll take the gratitude and hope in a woman eyers as payment.

Angels Get Their Wings

Cole Industries got the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of 3 Breast Augmentations. Thank you to these women, King Vitaly and the Doctors we were provided never before seen access to the consultation and operations. 

This is the first part: Everything that has to go into consideration for each individuals body and preference. 

Stay tuned for The 2nd Part where we see the operations. 

Mariza's Butt Implant Consultation

with Smith Plastic surgery

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk 2019

I had the opportunity to go support the Breast Cancer Awareness walk in Downtown LA.  What an Amazing experience with my loyal #allegrasArmy member M.E.  It was a humbling experience and I'm grateful for the people I met and good health.

Come support Breast Cancer Awareness

Come Support #allegrasarmy in supporting breast Cancer Awareness in Downtown LA this Saturday on the 19th.

AColeTV:WCW Ashelena

I had the opportunity to sit down with this beauty and I love her spirit. 

Take a minute and get to know this beauty. 


AColeTV: Adrienne Interview

I met this beautiful, talented young lady recently and asked her about her life and what her goals were for her body and her brand. 

She was a great sport and I can't wait to see where her journey takes her.

Introduction clip of Ashelena

My newest modeling project and newest member of Allegras Army. 

This beauty is going to be something special to watch. 

Monica (Swedish Bella) BTS of Her 2nd BBL

A Lot of women ask me if we only do BoobJobs. And the answer is "No!"  We aim to do all forms of plastic surgery.  This first year we are just focused on Breast Implants.  Here is a Behind the Scenes look at what services we offer to our most trusted models.  Monica has been one of my most loyal supporters and a dear friend.  She was the first woman to believe in me as I started this journey.  So it's only right that I assist her with her journey.  Stay tuned for more from this Swedish Beauty.

ACole Industries Studio Hunt IREA

Still on the hunt for my DREAM studio location.  I need about a third of the space in this old car showroom.  It was fun to dream and envision owning a space this big someday.

ACole Industries FairyTale Flowers Spot

I had the opportunity to partner with Sara from Fairytale Flowers on a collaboration.  I love her shop and her vibe.  I've always dreamed of owning a flowershop and this was a nice way to envision what it would feel like.  Sara is great and her shop is gorgeous!  I can't wait to work with her again.  She is able to ship nationally through her website. So if you can't go into the location try to have some flowers delivered to a loved one.  Flowers always make people feel better.

How to take a better pic

At ACole Industries our Mission is to Entertain, Educate and be a Safe Space.  Part of 'Educating' is helping our models understand how to put their best self forward to attract the most attention to help inspire donors to assist them in their surgery goals.  In this video (with the help of my friend M.E. I discuss how to take a better picture and the tools you will need to do so.

One of a Kind Glamour modeling and Entertainment



Photography, Videos, Live events and  Social Media Marketing

Coming Events

May20th-27th AColeTV will be Live from Brazil to celebrate Allegra Cole's 50th Birthday

AutoBiography: Becoming Allegra Cole will be released in Spring of 2020

In the Media

Allegra Cole has over 50 Million views in various markets.

She's been on shows such as Botched on the E! Network

Domenica Live in Milan, Italy

Barcroft Media in London (

She has her second documentary on Barcroft Media being released soon. 

Guy Tang's YouTube Channel and various other media outlets.

With her expertise in the world of Social Media Marketing anyone's brand, business or personal image can be upgraded.

Latest Venture

The Company is planning on giving away a FREE Boobjob in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We are currently looking for private donors and compelling stories.

Big News

We are currently looking for a brand new production studio where AColeTV will be filmed.


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About Me


My Beginnings

I grew up in a small town in Utah. 

I was raised Mormon and was taught all of the beliefs.  We were very involved in the religion... my parents even sang in the Mormon tabernacle choir. 

I started having sex too young, had children too young and got married and had 3 kids (too young).

Life was steady until my husband passed away leaving me with 3 kids at a very transitional and pivotal period in my life. 

2  years after he passed I met a young man 10 years my junior. 

I could feel myself yearning to live what I felt inside for quite some time. The transformation was beginning.

I was being reborn.

I started simply by changing my hair color which led to makeup and clothing style changes followed by my first boob job at the age of 35.  

My sensual side had been AWAKENED!

I continued on a plastic surgery journey that would alter and improve my life as I altered and improved my body. 

Through my story I try to give an honest depiction of the highs and lows of my career. I will let others see the real life pitfalls and blessings that come from discovering who you really are no matter what the world thinks. 


My Favorite Work

I feel like I was given an extraordinary gift and it is my duty to Pay It Forward.

I want other women to be able to feel liberation from their bodies and be able to get their groove back like I did.

I see the looks on women's faces all the time just when I give them makeovers. 

The look in their eyes of truly feeling beautiful and confident again is so priceless.

I can only imagine how grateful they will feel when their boobs are the size they want them to be, their tummy is tucked (or sucked in) the way they want it to be, and their booty is plumped and brought back to bubbly perfection.

I know what the surgeries did for me and my self confidence and want to be able to help give that to other people.


My Life Today

Now I am working on a website and (Model/Donor) experiences on a platform where women can tell their stories. 

what they've been through and where they'd like to be with their bodies and their lives.

I will provide access to resources ie: Doctors and Donors that can help a woman get the work she desires.

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Are you planning a special event? Are you looking for performers for a variety show? Send me a message about your plans, and I will get back to you soon!


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