#AllegrasArmy Mission Statement


Allegra's Army Mantra

Allegra's Army is a group of women that any woman can join as long as she is willing to uplift other women by using her resources, talents and networking with those around her to help others better themselves.  Through crowdfunding and networking, we are able to help women connect to the best doctors and modern medical technology in an effort to upgrade their looks.

In a word filled with so much negativity, Allegra's Army strives to spread positivity, genuine support and kindness. We must be the LIGHT!


Resources and Networking

We provide a melting pot where women can meet with creators and business owners looking for new content.


Plastic Surgery

In #AllegrasArmy we are BIG advocates of Plastic Surgery. 

We use our Advanced Network of Surgeons, Estheticians, Hair stylists and Beauty Related Brands such as LaserAway to help women achieve a look they can be proud of.  

Surgery can be expensive: That's why we have a very passionate group of investors willing to help women with their goals.