AColeTV Studio


When we shoot AColeTV we endeavor to make a talk show for both Men and Women. 

Most daytime talk shows are geared to women. This show brings visual flare for the men, with exciting content for the women.

Our Unique Blend of Sensual Witty Entertainment


We Pride ourselves on providing a unique take on some of todays hottest topics.



With our Customized 

"Dope Shot of The Day" 

"Dope Art of the Day"

 and "Funny of the Day" segments we can assure there will be a little something for everyone when they watch. 



The show is Architecturally appealing to the eye. 

Right now we are working with green screens  but when we move to our Home studio the set will be an Interior Designed Masterpiece.

The Big News


We are currently in the process of locking down a brand new studio that will be able to house a full production studio complete with Green Screen and in house lighting for broadcasting.

What is a "CC"

Here is an informative video we did to help educate (and entertain) 

That is our mission at ACole Industries.

To be Inspirational,Educational and a Safe Space.