ME's Glow Up

This is one of my best friends that I met a few months ago and her story is so inspiring and her will and drive are outstanding! 

I wanted to give her a makeover and help her see the beautiful Goddess I saw in her. 

So she allowed me to give her my #AllegraEffect makeover and share her Amazing story. 

I hope you will find it as moving as I did and help this beautiful woman out with her surgery goals so she can continue to inspire other women.

Jaqueline Marie Summers

This weeks featured model is near and dear to my heart. The beautiful and talented Jaqueline Sommers. Watch her story and invest in this one of a kind Grecian Goddess. 

Miss Lindi Nunziato

Lindi or "@LMonies" on Instagram, currently lives in Florida, she has 1,400cc Breast implants and is willing to go to 2,500cc's. 

She wants to move to California to pursue a modeling career. 

#WCW Maisa Kiehl

This week we are featuring Maisa Kiehl. A fellow Brazilian who's plastic surgery journey has completely changed her life for the better.